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How It All Began

I was in your exact situation

I was a mom of 3 young kids and my body felt like it wasn't my own. I had no idea what was going on and I had no where to turn.

Because there is nothing that motivates me more than a good challenge, I started doing my own research. I kept reading and searching until I found the thing that worked for me.

And then I didn't want any other frum women to feel lost and alone and not have the resources she needs. I embarked on my life long journey of learning so that I could help all the frum women.

Workshops, group classes, one on one sessions, more trainings and even more trainings and here I am!

"a long term investment in yourself"

Henna is so good at what she does and add onto that a geniune person. She is earnestly dedicated to helping build you up inside out!

Whatever track you take with her, it's a long term investment in yourself, which is an investment to those most close and dear to you!

I love how she subtley weaves through her sessions valuable truths that leave moms truly empowerd."

~ Mushky B.


"an outstanding experience"

I love doing the classes and I feel so good during and afterwards!

~ Shoshana W.


"shout out to Henna "

I've recieved wonderful feedback from a client who took the Prenatal Course. She felt this course was her lifeline helping her stay focused on maintaining her health and taking care of her pregnancy.

~ Chaya Mushka



What's Your Next Step?

Restore Your Core

Discover the transformative power of core strength with our virtual Restore Your Core classes. Strengthen from within, feel your best, and embrace whole-body wellness

Prenatal Exercise

Join our Prenatal Exercise class to prepare your body for birth, enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy, and set the stage for a smoother recovery. Let's embark on this journey together towards a healthier and happier pregnancy

Express Class Membership

Elevate your fitness routine with our exclusive 15 Minute Express Membership. Enjoy unlimited access to our On Demand Library of quick classes and Live Express sessions per month.

*must have completed Level 1 RYC


Frequently Asked Questions

Which course should I sign up for?

Restore Your Core: Foundational Core and Pelvic Floor Rehab Program. Usually start here.

Prenatal Exercise: Great for pregnancy at all stages. If you have not yet taken Restore Your Core Level 1 and are still in early pregnancy, then I suggest starting with Restore Your Core.

Express Class Membership: This is an amazing option if you taken Restore Your Core Level 1 and are now looking for a way to keep up the exercises.

Maybe I should make a flow chart. :-)

How soon postpartum can I join?

I'm so happy that you are thinking about taking care of yourself! Please wait at least 6-8 weeks post partum to join Restore Your Core. In early postpartum, the most important thing your core and pelvic floor need are SLEEP! If you have a choice between joining an exercise class for an hour 2x a week or taking a nap during that time, then definitely choose sleep.

What if I miss a class?

All the classes are recorded and the recordings are available for 7 days. Pro tip: If you have to miss a class, chose a time ahead of time when you will be able to make it up.

How does this work on Zoom? Don't you need to see me in person?

We make it work! I help you every step of the way. The best part about Zoom is that you get to exericse and you don't even have to leave your house.

Here are what one client said about Zoom: "Honestly, I was a bit nervous to do a virtual exercise class as it is something I have never done before. I am really impressed with how clear the instructions are and easy to follow."

AND I know that Zoom is not for everyone and if Zoom doesn't work for you, then that is ok.

"empowering and educational"

I'm super enjoying the classes especially the discussions at the end - fasicnating to learn all that information about how my body works. The awareness helps me so much during the day from the way I get outta bed to how I pick up my kids in the middle of a breath.

~ Rochel


Empowering Frum Women


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